The Panaswap Protocol

Next Gen DEX / AYO Built For Cardano

Panaswap is a noncustodial automated market maker & Yield Optimizer (DEX) Built on the Cardano Blockchain aimed at providing increased capital efficiency and fine-tuned control to liquidity providers thereby improving the accuracy and convenience of the Cardano Native Asset thus having a more flexible fee and swap structure.

The Pana Mission

Next Gen Dex For The Cardano Blockchain

A Suite Of Defi Tailored Services That Would Enhance Adoption Of The Cardano Ecosystem.
Utilizing The Low Fees And Lightening Fast Transaction Rates Of The Cardano Blockchain To Perform Instant Token swaps & Liquidity Pools

  • Instant Token swaps & Liquidity Pools
  • Staking rewards for $PANA holders on the largest PoS blockchain
  • Fast & Secure Native Cardano Transactions
A Decentralised Ecosytem

Cross Chain Automated Maket Maker Protocol

Panaswap will employ the incredibly low fees of the cardano blockchain and the almost speed of light transaction settlements and thus solving the number one issue affecting most de-fi protocols.

  • Concentrated Liquidity PANA Liquidity providers will be given the ability to concentrate their liquidity by “bounding" it within an arbitrary price range.
  • Flexible Fees The swap fee is no longer locked at a particular percentage. Rather, the fee tier for each pool (of which there can be multiple per asset pair) is set on initialization.
  • Protocol Fee Governance PANA governance has more flexibility in setting the fraction of swap fees collected by the protocol

The Cardano Blockchain

Why We Are Building On Cardano?

Cardano is a true 3rd generation blockchain with a bespoke design based on peer-reviewed research, offering transformative functionalities unmatched on other smart contract blockchains.

The DE-FI Protocol

Features Of The Panaswap Protocol


Swap between Cardano-based tokens and stablecoins within seconds


Farm $PANA With Other Community Farmers To Earn Rewards


Pool Your Assests And Provide Liquidity To Solid Projects And Earn Passive Profits


Stake Your Assets On Panaswap And Earn Massive Rewards In The $PANA Ecosystem


How it Works

Connect Wallet

Swap, Pool
Or Stake


Our Goals

Road Map

Q3 2021

Pana Project Launch & Setup, Whitepaper Release and Tokenomics Finalized

Q4 2021

Brand Awareness Campaign, Pana Token Minting & Deploying On Cardano Blockchain, Dex Platform UX/UI Design Demo & Development

Q1 2022

$Pana Token Sale Rounds, ISPO, CEX Exchange Listing, CMC & CG Listing, Ambassadorship & Bounty Program

Q2 2022

Dex Testnet With Assets Pool, Staking And Bridging Features

Q3 2022

Dex Mainnet Launched, Piggy Project Design Presentation

Q4 2022

Future Expansion And NFT Idea Presentation To The Community


See Our Token Distribution

The Pana Token will have a total of 300,000,000 Supply and its to be distributed accordingly below:

  • Founding Team : 8%
  • Seed Round : 20%
  • ISPO : 15%
  • Marketing & Partnership : 10%
  • Staking & Rewards Program: 18%
  • Public Pre-Sale: 8%
  • Liquidity Allocation : 15%
  • Locked Ecosystem tokens : 6%


Our Platform

Next Gen Dex Built For The Cardano Ecosytem

Panaswap As A Decentralized Exchange And Automated Market Maker Will Be The Go To Platform For Everyone Looking To Tap Into The Transparent And Low Fee Cardano Ecosystem.


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